SKSA Technology Sdn Bhd has been selected for having outstanding business performances & sales results. With proven service through honesty & integrity.


Our CEO, En Shamsul Kamal, started Internet Webhosting as a reseller of a company based in United States Of America. He started small, due to lack of advertisements & also manpower. A home-based startup company with numerous of objectives to be achieved. En Shamsul strives to search for more customers before growing. Alongside his stable sales & customers growing rapidly, he approached his friend to seek advice. Upon mutual agreement, En Shamsul Kamal agreed and took the chance to advertise his business in the National Newspaper. Surprisingly, the feedback was tremendous, returns on investments bloom like a fresh plant that has been properly nurtured, Internet Webhosting made hundreds of quality customers.

Based on the booming sales, En Shamsul Kamal decided to hire 2 staffs to handle the web designs and customer’s support. Upon reaching 800 customers threshold, Internet Webhosting started operating in a mall named The

Summit USJ, located in Subang Jaya. However, the mall stated their rules that business operations should be run until 11 pm only. But, we secretly ran our operation until 2 am in order to provide customer service since we believed that customer support comes first. Internet Webhosting slowly expanded to the point where we reached thousands of customers. At this point, he realized that we have to come up with 24/7/365 customers support. We believe by providing continuous support to our customer, it also enables them to run a smooth website & business operations.

Alhamdulillah, through our consistency, we have now reached more than 40,000 customers and hundreds of servers. Our client varies from every sector, age, gender, and also industries. Due to our success, we have also received numbers of achievements and awards.

Lastly, the best advice that we could share with you is that, in order to grow fast and get success in your business. It is best for you to bring your business online since this is a proven method where you can reach millions of people in a limited number of time.