1. Set Up a Dynamite Facebook Business Page

Fill in these

-Profile Picture

-Profile Cover

-Page Username



-Promote Button

2. Leverage Facebook Messenger Bots for Customer Service

Chatbot can be one of the most useful features for marketing in Facebook. Autoreplies are beneficial since you may obtain various informations of your visitors. For example:

-Kindly click the link below (directed to your phone)

-Kindly leave your contacts details below

-Kindly proceed to our website (directed to your website)

3. Organic Posting: Do it. Don’t Believe the Hype.

There is no such thing as “buying facebook followers”. Followers on facebook is organic, the more content you post, the more relevant your posts are, the more engaging your content will be. Not only that, your posts must be interesting and suits the needs of your target market. You can improve your organic reaches based on,

4. Facebook Advertising Is The Most Targeted Form Of Advertising


Facebook Ads could be one of the most powerful marketing mediums as we are able to reach our target market of a specific location, age, interests, and many more. Other than that, facebook advertising is also considered one of the cheapest advertising medium. It also increases revenues, sales, and leads.

5. Insights

Facebook insights is useful as you get to track the activities, reach of posts, number of traffics, interactions, details of your customers, and many more. These details are important for your business, as we can improvise on our methods and way of marketing. For example, if your insight shows a range of visitors for certain age, lets say, 15-21. You’ll be able to identify whether your product suits these range of age or not, if it doesn’t, maybe you should start targeting different group of ages, since it could be more beneficial to them.